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released December 22, 2016



all rights reserved


International Friendly Nashville, Tennessee

IF =
Drew Carroll
Ben Crumbley
Tim Savage
Pete Piscitelli

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Track Name: Want and Do
I could have called you
and you could have called me too
There's so much going on there's nothing to pursue
I want to move
Paralyzed on the line of want and do

Everyone I see happier with everything
Stars of spectator sport with lives full of celebrating
if I contribute live the lie on the right of want and do

Today's opinion
comes carried in as the truth
experts as idiots the adversary has it's tools
there's a war at home
can't talk about it what I want and do

The latest channel offering
Nostalgia on screen families
better than blood for comforting
Voyeur vision I like to watch
don't look back look just beyond
for prepared remarks
Voyeur vision give me blood shot
I need more more than you allot
I can't dream when I sleep fever decor

Want and Do
(there's a war at home, can't talk about it what I want and do)
Track Name: Ancestor's Flu
I guess last night
I was really in to talking to you
with each round I felt we were that much closer to the truth
Now I'm locked in a bout
with my ancestor's flu
bed ridden as season 1 blurs in to season 2

As we shift the blame
may we never change

I'm okay/Not today

Thanks for nothing
Thanks for picking up the bill
Don't see you as forgiven
So what if I never will?

As we shift the blame
may we never change


The confession well rehearsed
The public makes an easy convert
This just in latest report
What once was criminal is now adored.

Track Name: The Reservoir
Had my first sip at 15
on some fool's gold from Milwaukee
it was at my father's offering
He said "son you grow up so damn fast
sprint the marathon come in last"
Married at 22
by 25 we had you
at 40 lost my job and your mother too

made it through University
never that guy at the party
held my liquor well
"The Reservoir" they called me
a deluge came could not contain
crashed with violence erased the bank
Oh my darlin'
had I known it would go this far
I might have been better and you might not have been at all

Where you come from
Where you come from
Changing names doesn't change the blood
Where you come from

Had my first at 8:30
11 or 12 lost track of counting
things ain't any easier since you last saw me
on the wagon I was steering
went over the edge straight into the sea
I saw the shore
repeated my behavior
of every time that I've seen land
I've swam towards the sharks

Track Name: Spirit Guide
Found at my living end
I'm looking for a friend among the echos
only strange bedfellows approaching
light beams that are smoking
if you listen closely hear the ca-ching
there's money to be made in peace making
maybe I'm not high enough
maybe I'm not really high at all
above me everyone is floating
mandy and molly
normally there is a pond between
they touch something
laughter escaping
forgetful like breathing
shoot me straight
are we dying while we're dilating

Won't you be my Spirit Guide?
Be by my side
Tell me that I'm doing alright

I need a miracle everyday
Sunday brings a line of questioning
come Monday it will be mundane
all in all it's just a
shake to the left
shake to the right
I'm cleansing

Sun's up
Sun's down
sounds good
No one is around to hold my hand
no one to hold my hair
no one offers a chair
no one cares

Track Name: Easier
I knew everything when words meant nothing
tried to keep my age from showing
in the western world you can't hide your face
walked around just to walk
stayed up late just to talk
if I never took it for granted would I have been young?
it was as it was kismet
now is not how it was when we left

There's a high rise
where we once killed time
it's uniform, single file
free of our mess
If I could have been present
I could live it all in a memory
without question or hesitation

an addict's arm for a heart
I could have left you with my mark but

It's easier getting a gun